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The Band

Kava Kreation

is a musical band of brothers soulfully uniting to spread the word of Peace, Love & Equality through their Island Style Riddimz. Originating from the Islands of Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, and New Zealand just to name a few, their harmonies and addictive musical transitions continue to blaze stages. On lead vocals, Keola stems from a long history of musical roots. Also included in the vocal front are Lacc of New Zealand, and Walt of Hawaii.
Take these harmonies and mix it with the back line which includes Drummer Josh AKA “P-Nut”, Rhythm Guitarist Keoni, Bassist Ray, Lead Guitarist Preston, and you are sure to experience unforgettable musical arrangements that can only be brought to you by KAVA KREATION! -  Stay tuned as they continue to grace stages all across the country – Join the Kava Kreation Movement!


Keola Kalama- Lead Singer

I was born and raised in Honolulu, HI. I have been singing and playing music since I was a small child. My dad has a heavy influence in my music life and I have always looked up to him as my idol. I have met a lot of friends around the kava bowl which is where this musical journey began.

Lacc (Cadalacc) Katoa- Vocals

I was born in Mangere, New Zealand. I come from a musically talented family and have always loved to sing. When I came to the states, I started singing at the fai kava held at the Mesa Methodist church. I met the boys in the band around the kava bowl and love to perform with them on stage.

Walter Tauatevalu- Vocals

Only Jah kno wit Rastar I
we no more war. Blessaid
One Love I n I siienn Jah
Live Children..

Josh (P-nut) Moore- Drums

I began playing the drums as the age of 7. I have many styles that I like to play that include jazz, gospel, rhythm and blues, funk, latin, reggae, and some alternative. I have played around Tucson with many bands that include The Larry Deil Band, Mike Tatum, The Equinox Band, Sticks and Fingers, Grand Royal, Kevin Hamilton and other well known gospel artists. I have also traveled to back up my childhood friend Marques Elliot and other artists in the west region of the US.

Preston (Yeti) Hauck- Rhythm Guitar

Troy Wolfgramm- Lead Guitar

Ray Saures- Bass

I was born and raised on the island of Saipan. It is in the commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands. I now reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I do music full-time with Arizona’s very own Kava Kreation!

Billy Keys – Keyboard

I was born in Albany Heights, New Zealand. I started my music studies in grade school and continued through high school in Florida , California, and Arizona. I am currently studying music at Grand Canyon University. I have played with several reggae bands backing artists such as Casper, Motherland Soul, Tinga Stuart, Danny Clark of the Meditations, One Blood, Dee Dread and the Zion Knights, Rasta Farmers, Dubble Down, and Abijah.